An invaluable component in refractory ceramics

A refractory material is one that can be exposed to high temperatures without losing its properties; its most desirable features are a high thermal conductivity, chemical resistance, high melting point, and resistance to thermal shock, abrasion, bending, compression and erosion.

Due to its exceptional properties of thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient and resistance to abrasion and chemical attack, the silicon carbide produced by Navarro SiC is invaluable in the ceramic and refractory industries. Its properties allow it to withstand extreme conditions and a constant exposure to a combination of corrosion, high temperatures, abrasion and impact.

Some of the applications of the silicon carbide produced by Navarro SiC are wear parts, engine components, diesel particulate filters, condensers, substrates, insulators, cutting tools, filters, catalysts or superconductors. The use of high quality silicon carbide reduces maintenance and replacement costs, production losses and downtime of equipment.

Our product is especially suitable for the production of crucibles and furnace and kiln linings, due to its excellent thermal properties and high chemical resistance.

Our portfolio

In order to meet the needs of our customers, Navarro SiC has classified its refractory products into three groups (RN, RE and RC) characterized by a high density, a thorough demagnetizing process and a carefully selected size distribution.

The different qualities of silicon carbide produced by Navarro SiC suit the majority of applications and requirements of refractory industries. Navarro SiC can produce any standard or tailor made specification requested by customers according to their specific needs: gazettes, crucibles, concrete, bricks or refractory masses.


% SiC Size Characteristics Industrial use

Silicon carbide RN


98.4 Range between
20 µm to 10 mm
High density
Refractory clays
Ceramic, stoneware and porcelain moulding
Furnace linings

Silicon carbide RE


98.0 Range between
20 µm to 10 mm
Low impurities
Thermal properties
Heat separators and exchangers
Muffle furnace linings

Silicon carbide RC


97.2 Range between
20 µm to 10 mm
Mechanical resistance
Wear resistance
Foundry slag channels
Low wear cement
Refractory masses

Figures shown in the table are orientative, are based on average values and do not constitute a contractual guarantee

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