Special Applications

One product with endless applications

Silicon carbide is a contemporary material and its possibilities are virtually unlimited. New technologies give value to new products and processes where silicon carbide produced by Navarro SiC finds an application, with increasingly demanding requirements for purity and special properties.

State of the art technology allows Navarro SiC to face these challenges, supplying the market not only with standard products but also with products specifically designed for each application.

Aviation industry

Space vehicles, satellites and aircraft use advanced ceramic materials which must maintain their mechanical and structural properties at very high temperatures.

Electronics industry

Manufacture of high energy efficiency diodes and power supply units for telecommunication systems servers in continuous operation.

Development of electronic boards based on silicon carbide capable of continuous operation at temperatures above 500 ° C.

Plastic arts

Goezt engraving is a pictorial technique that uses varnishes and silicon carbide to obtain a highly artistic result. It was developed in the early 60s of last century and used, among others, by Spanish artist Joan Miró.

Solar industry

Cutting of wafers (thin sections - under 200 microns - of quartz, silicon or semiconductor materials) with high density ultrafine silicon carbide wire saws.

Composite materials

Composite materials are aggregates of different elements that improve certain specific properties of the original material. Silicon carbide is a part of composites with metals, resin or polymers.

Composite materials are used in space vehicles, satellites, cars or high-speed trains. Silicon carbide plays also an important role in chemical or food industry (gaskets, insulating materials).

High temperature filters

Particulate filters that must operate under extreme conditions, such as those used in diesel engines, are made of ceramics in which silicon carbide plays a key role.

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