Production process

The main steps of the manufacture of silicon carbide produceed by Navarro SiC are reaction, selection, grinding, sorting and classification, washing, magnetic separation, chemical treatment, blending, packaging and shipping.

Raw materials

Silicon carbide is produced by Navarro SiC in batch operation by heating at very high temperature a mixture containing high purity silica sand and low sulfur petroleum coke. Raw materials are selected and tested by Navarro SiC through procedures that guarantee their quality and consistency, and are provided by approved suppliers.


Navarro SiC has over 60 years experience in the production of silicon carbide. A careful monitoring of the manufacturing process of the crude allows us to obtain the highest quality silicon carbide, which is then used to produce our finished products.

Acheson furnaces employed in the process are open and powered by electricity; they are loaded in successive layers with controlled mixtures for maximum process efficiency. The heating of the mixture is produced between a couple of fixed electrodes through a pure graphite core.

The cooking process is controlled by a computer which regulates the energy input to each furnace to obtain a suitable load curve.

Vadillos plant. Furnace workshop Silicon carbide blocks
Vadillos plant. Furnace workshop
Silicon carbide blocks


After the cooking, the oven is cooled to proceed to the selection. The silicon carbide core obtained is a oval section cylinder, equal in length to the furnace and with a graphite filler inside. This cylinder is broken into large blocks and moved to the selection section.

The selection process is performed by dividing the block in different layers or qualities; this is done manually or semi-automatically by using jackhammers or large hydraulic presses.

The experience and training of our staff is the key to an efficient selection. The selected product goes through a thorough laboratory check that certifies that the selection has been made according to the prior planning. Selected qualities are separated into deposits and transferred to the grinding and classification section for processing into final product.

Grinding and classification

Grinding and classification processes represent the highest technology and expertise which enable Navarro SiC to manufacture any product that a customer may demand. In order to do so, the selected product will be grinded, milled and classified, and it may as well go through demagnetizing processes and chemical treatment.

Navarro SiC can produce microgrits according to FEPA standard (types F and P), as well as adapt to ANSI or JIS standards. It is specially remarkable that Navarro SiC can produce any other type of silicon carbide grits for applications such as lapping, wafer cutting or advanced ceramics, according to the specification supplied by the customer (tailor made products).

Our production lines have been designed by our own engineers and are equipped with different types of mills adapted to the requirement of each product, as well as mechanical and air classification systems. The demagnetizing, washing and chemical treatment equipments ensure that every customer receives a final product within the requested specifications.

Grinding section Washing and chemical treatment
Grinding section
Washing and chemical treatment

Packaging and expedition

All our products are packed in different types of packaging according to the requests of our customers. Our logistics team gives the best response to deliver products from Navarro SiC to any part of the world with the maximum efficiency in time and cost.

Quality control

Navarro SiC tests the quality of silicon carbide in each stage of the process, from raw material to final product, as an essential part of its management system. The quality control laboratory is equipped with the most advanced technology to ensures a careful control of production parameters and a superior quality in the final product.

Along with each delivery, our laboratory issues a quality certificate to inform the customer of every physical or/and chemical parameter of the requested product, verifying that they meet the agreed specification.

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