A company with a long history

Navarro SiC in Spain
Silicon carbide (SiC) is a synthetic material, discovered in the late nineteenth century. It has an extreme hardness, high wear and heat resistance, and is chemically inert to alkalis and acids, making it irreplaceable in abrasive, refractory and technological applications.

Along more than 60 years, Navarro SIC has lead the manufacturing and distribution of high quality silicon carbide in southern Europe. The company is integrated in the Navarro Group, which is involved in electrical, electrochemical, real estate, agricultural and livestock sectors.

The extensive experience gathered by Navarro SiC in the production of silicon carbide has allowed us to develop a management system focused on product quality, research, continuous improvement and personalized customer service.

Navarro SiC operates two silicon carbide production plants in Spain, from where it distributes its products worldwide.

Navarro SiC S.A.

Paseo de San Francisco de Sales 31 1º
28003 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 533 48 00
Fax: +34 91 554 70 27