Ethical Code

A commitment to ethics and legality

The ethical code of Navarro Group represents a fundamental commitment with the compliance of legality applicable in the development of our activities. It includes the values and principles that should govern the performance of our employees and managers in the performance of their tasks.

- Quality
- Professionalism
- Experience
- Innovation
- Availability

Principles of action
- Equal, respectful and dignified treatment among co-workers
- Strict compliance of current legislation
- Fair competition in the markets, for the benefit of customers and users
- Compliance with labor, environmental and occupational risk prevention regulations
- Commitment to quality and care of assets
- Protection of personal data, intellectual property and confidential information of own and third parties
- Actions for the benefit of the community
- Prevention of conflicts of interest and misuse of privileged information
- Prohibition of receiving gifts and gratuities, as well as political contributions, from or to third parties
- Security of data and computer equipment

It will also be ensured that any third party with which Navarro Group collaborates complies in turn with the obligations mentioned in our ethical code.

These principles and values, which govern the activity of Navarro Group, are developed in the full version of the Ethical Code and Crime Prevention Plan available at the following link:

Ethical Code and Crime Prevention Plan - Spanish

Navarro Group makes available to all its stakeholders a direct contact line with our Ethics Committee, so that they can make a consultation or submit a complaint. The confidentiality of all communications as well as the anonymity against third parties of the complainant is ensured, unless expressly requested by any administrative or judicial authority.

Navarro Group
Ethics Committee

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In any case, it must be noted that the imputation of facts with knowledge of their falsity or with reckless disregard for the truth may lead to criminal or civil responsibilities under the terms contemplated in the current law.

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