Quality control laboratory
Quality control laboratory is an essential part of the production process for Navarro SiC; It is used to verify the quality and consistency of our products at each stage of the process. All finished products are tested in our laboratory to ensure they comply with every quality requirement before being sent to our customers.

Production management is done by process batches. Each batch is individually monitored by sampling along process and in finished product. A sophisticated home-designed recording and monitoring system for batch traceability can eliminate errors and ensure a perfect product.

The laboratory issues a quality certificate with each product delivery, reporting physical and chemical parameters of the requested product, and checking that they are within the specification agreed with the customer.


Navarro SiC quality control laboratory is equipped with the best technology to perform a thorough quality control of our products. Physical and chemical parameters are measured on silicon carbide products, as defined in the specifications previously agreed with our customers.

Physical analyses

  • Particle size determination
    • Macros: Ro-Tap
    • Micros: Malvern Sirocco 2000 Analyser
  • Moisture
  • Density
    • Bulk
    • Compacted
  • Magnetic content
  • Capilarity

Chemical analyses
  • SiC
  • C - total
  • C - free
  • Si - free
  • SiO2
  • Loss on ignition
  • Metallic impurities: Fe2O3, CaO, Al2O3

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