Responsible management systems

Navarro SiC has always applied responsible management systems to the most relevants fields of its activity, remaining in the front line of the industry as a reference supplier, and fulfilling the most demanding regulatory and customer requirements.

Quality of silicon carbide supplied to our customers has always been an essential reference for Navarro SiC. Since 1996 we worked under the ISO 9000 certification, which ensures compliance with the specifications required by our customers through an exhaustive control of our production process. Continuous verification by our laboratory guarantees the suitability of the product, whose specifications are certified in each delivery to our customers.

Safety and health of our employees and customers is also a reference in our daily work. Compliance with all applicable legislation on health and safety, and suitability to the safety standards for the product (such as REACH promoted by the European Union), ensure the achievement of that objective.

No less important is the environmental protection and sustainability of our operations. Navarro SiC integrates into its working procedures the reduction of dust levels, noise or waste generation, in compliance with the requirements established by the Spanish and European legislation.

Navarro SiC integrates all of the above into a common framework, and develops its work under a strict ethical code that clearly establishes the values and principles that should govern the performance of its employees and managers, and ensures compliance with the applicable legality in the development of its activity.

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